Mad Med Student Toolkit Part 1

Ride in Style

The bike-commutin’ Mad Med Student

Being a med student is nothing like being a doctor and a lot like being a student. So, from Day 1 you have to set out to do the things students do: classes, extracurriculars (in med school these are eating, exercising, and sleeping), socialize– all while trying to avoid the burden of crushing student debt. Luckily, the Mad Med Student has a few tricks up his sleeve to make life easier, cheaper, and funnerer more fun.

First of all, try to live uphill from your med school. This will make things easier in step two: ride to class every day. You can take your time getting home, but trust me, you will need the extra gravitational boost in the morning. I will have a more technical post about bike commuting in the future, so for now let me boil it down to two words: fenders and panniers. Fenders let you ride worry-free through puddles (because you’re only as old as you act), and the pannier keeps you from developing hyperhidrosis from riding with a backpack on.

Another essential is the lunchbox– bonus points if it doubles as your lovable sidekick. Unless you are happy to fork out $8 for a Ceasar salad at the hospital cafeteria, pack a lunch. Considering you are paying for that salad with student loans at 6.3% interest, we’ll call it a $25 lunch.

Stay tuned for Mad Med Student Toolkit Part 2.

3 responses to “Mad Med Student Toolkit Part 1

  1. I am looking forward to your blogs. I have a feeling that I’ll become quite educated along the way. I like the medical terminology you are including with the hyperlink. Makes feel like I am going to medical school along with you.


  2. Lookin’ good, Aaron! haha You’re looking like a pro! Congrats, again, on the beginning of your Med. school journey.
    Love Ya,


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