Med School is not a Marathon…

… it is a series of Sprints. 5-week dashes, to be precise. At least for the first two years, we have 5 weeks of learning followed by a week of evaluation. Then a weekend to be carefree before hitting the books once again.

The beauty of the post-exam weekend (which we just enjoyed), is that even if we wanted to do something bookish, we couldn’t. We have no choice but to pause and reflect on the sheer joy of being alive and in Med School. This to me seems the modern academic equivalent of celebrating sabbath. I’ve been told that in Israel on Sabbath one can’t even go out to eat because all of the venders are relaxing at home. Similarly, not only the students but the professors get a couple days off and we all end up back at school on Monday incredibly rejuvenated.

It should be disconcerting that it is just so normal to get ground down by med school— like we’ve all been subjected to some chronic disease that it will take years to recover from. Why not instead of becoming emaciated endurance athletes, we all treat medical education like a series of sprints and become the intellectual equivalents of Usain Bolt?

2 responses to “Med School is not a Marathon…

  1. I just realized that it might be confusing as to why a weekend off is such a big deal. To be blunt, the reason med students normally look forward to the weekend is so we’ll finally have a chance to study.


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