The 4-Hour Workweek (AKA Finals Week)


For as rigorous as med school is, I can’t help but smile when I look at the finals-week schedule and see a total of 4 required activities. I personally love the flexibility to spend this time working wherever I want on whatever I want, not to mention the opportunity to shut out all distractions and focus on synthesizing the material we’ve been learning over the past weeks.

For my classmates who find exams to be a major source of stress, that’s OK! The stress is priming your body to perform at its peak. To optimize your increased focus and energy, maintain an early bedtime and healthy diet. Use the free mornings to fit in a couple of workouts. Practice active studying rather than passively re-reading the module. Remember that increased time studying isn’t as effective as increasing your focus during studying.

Rather than thinking of finals week as a war we have to “survive,” consider it the race we’ve been training for. Practice good self-care and have fun, and embrace the opportunity to do your best. Work strong during this 4-hour workweek.

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