New Year’s Resolution

If you want to improve yourself and make your life better next year, refrain from committing to an ambitious new diet or workout regime. These usually end miserably with more self-loating than before. Instead, resolve to start acknowledging all of the good things you already do. Praise yourself for the workouts you do complete and the decision to eat broccoli instead of a cookie. The more credit we give ourselves for little victories, the easier we’ll find the motivation to tackle bigger goals. This truth is related to the idea of positive self-talk. Instead of catching ourselves slipping up and then getting stuck in negative mode, actively acknowledge personal successes this year.

Recent research from social psychologists at UC Davis shows that humans have a natural tendency to view the world through a negative lens, and it is much easier to flip from positive to negative than it is from negative to positive. It takes intentionality to combat this, and it often requires more mental discipline than simply indulging in our negative tendencies. Change your internal dialogue so that you are your own cheerleader rather that critic, and you will find your performance and happiness improving without any other change in behavior.

It is not egotistical or arrogant to want to feel good about oursleves— in fact, that is the only healthy way to live.

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