First Semester Insights

By Max RusekMax

An insight that I gained during my first semester was what works for me in the context of time management. Personally, I knew I had to reengage my academic self because I was out of school for three years doing very non-academic things. What helped ease that transition was being extra overt, especially early on, about how I managed my time. I go through a very similar routine every day, set timers for myself in terms of study time, plan out my time after I force myself to stay at the HSLC until 5 PM, etc. Managing my time overtly (perhaps too overtly!) helped me compartmentalize my study time and let me enjoy the company of my classmates, (try to) stay active, and do those things that help me be more than ‘just’ a medical student. Perhaps the most helpful for me, though, is that I relish the opportunities I do have to break away from the routine of it all, especially in the company of my fellow classmates, and take time to appreciate (as Dr. Remington would say) the context of my life in medical school.

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