Update on Pen and Paper

2015/01/img_0179.jpgMy eye sweeps across the field of scattered papers, as stark and as unyielding as the field of white now falling over Madison. My hands zip back and forth seemingly at random, but my mind carries the true intention of uncovering the hidden truth that awaits within these pages.

A bit over-dramatic, but that is the difference I feel studying now as compared to last semester trying to work off of my digitized class-notes. With all of the information arrayed in front of me like a chess-table mid-game, studying is more of a quest than a chore. I can more fluidly integrated seemingly disparate topics when they are physically overlapping on my office floor.

The picture above isn’t staged– it is a snapshot from my anatomy study-session last night. Each lecture has its own packet with the professor’s slides and my hand-written notes superimposed. Rather than trying to capture what the lecturer is saying, my notes are a tangle of arrows, diagrams, and questions. I print 6 slides/sheet so that at any given moment I can glimpse an overview of about 20-minutes-worth of lecture. The focus is always on integration (learning) rather than on discrete information (memorization).

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